Bribe Yourself and Get Things Done!

24 Apr

It is sometimes difficult to stay focused when working on a large-scale translation or completing administrative tasks (logging expenses, anyone?).

I am currently working on a sizeable revision project for a client who is presenting an academic paper on linguistic, which proves difficult to get through at times, but I stumbled upon this post on the Freelance Folder, which offers great advice to stay on task.

Please do head on over and take a look, but I have outlined my 3 favourite suggestions here:

  1. Keep regular office hours – know when you’re “at work” and stick to those hours. Deviation from this makes it much easier to procrastinate.
  2. Picture the project completed – imagine what it will be like to bank the cheque, or follow up with the client to check they are happy with you work. Positive thinking is key here!
  3. Bribe yourself! – this one sounds like the most fun: “the bribe could be anything you enjoy but normally wouldn’t get–a special meal, a day off, the purchase of something you’ve wanted to buy for a long time…”

I am considering my bribe for this project already!

What do you think of these suggestions? Do you have any secret weapons for staying focused?


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