Non-Fringe Benefits

24 May

Just a short post for the ladies today.

Have you ever thought about how your hairstyle affects your work?

I was at the hairdresser a few days ago (one of the benefits of the freelance life), describing what I had in mind this time. My lovely stylist, Amanda, asked me whether I had thought about having a fringe (bangs, for my colleagues across the pond). I considered it for a little while, but decided against it. Heavy, blunt fringes are ‘in’ at the moment but, apart from the fact that my very curly hair would probably not behave well enough, I know some of my friends have had problems with headaches when reading or looking at screens for long periods of time. Hardly ideal for my line of work!

Have you ever found that seemingly trivial choices like choosing a hairstyle affect your work?

(By the way, I went for a very short, curly bob – I’m ready for summer!)


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