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The Freelance Translator’s Reading List: Additions

14 May

Apologies for the extreme lack of posts lately. Now that the academic year is racing to a close, my MA commitments are inevitably taking over for a few weeks. Nevertheless, I have managed to find some time to add some of the great suggestions I have had from colleagues to the Freelance Translator’s Reading List (original post here).

I was delighted with the response I had to the idea of grouping some our favourite language and translation books together, and I would like to thank my fellow tweeting translators for adding to my wish list.

I will present each book here, along with a short note about the translator who suggested it:

  • On Writing – Stephen King (as recommended by the inspiring Chris Durban at a professional workshop)
  • Screw It, Let’s Do It – Richard Branson (not language-related, but a very popular motivational book)

Suggested by Alison Hughes (@AHcreattrans), a French to English creative translator, based in Milngavie, Scotland. Alison is also the coordinator of the Media, Arts and Tourism within the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

  • Mouse or Rat: Translation as Negotiation – Umberto Eco

Suggested by Anna Lycett (@keycheck_t9n), who provides English and Polish language services and is based in Leeds. Anna also maintains an industry blog, mainly directed at newcomers to the profession (read it here).

  • Through the Language Glass – Guy Deutscher

Suggested by Percy Balemans (@pbtranslations), an English and German to Dutch translator, who specialises in advertising material (transcreation), fashion, art, travel and tourism, journalism and human rights.

This book was also mentioned by Laura Bennett (@culturetrans), who is currently reading it.

Thanks again to everyone who got in touch. I have certainly enjoyed reading all of your thoughts, and I hope that others have too. I can make a start on my Christmas list now too 😉

If anyone still has suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


Word of the Week #1

23 Mar

It’s Friday! The end of the week (hopefully) signals a slowing of pace as we head towards a few days of rest, or at least non-translation activities. To I am planning to make this a weekly series of posts, as I have many, many favourite words in several languages, not just the ones I work with. This week, I have chosen to dip into properties and colour:

Word of the Week - Iridescent Bubbleiridescent – /ˌɪrɪˈdɛs(ə)nt/ (on a side note, I love the phonetic representations in dictionaries. I find myself saying the word out loud, and I think it helps the word stick in my mind).

According to the OED, this beautiful word means “showing luminous colours that seem to change when seen from different angles”.

I don’t think this rigid definition does justice to the fascinating, fluid and free image that the word conjures up, as is arguably the case for a huge number of words, but it is still a candidate for my top 10 favourite words.

Do any of my fellow linguists and word enthusiasts have a favourite? Please share it with me in the comments!

Oh and Happy Friday, everyone!