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More letters after my name!

11 Jun

I got a lovely letter a few days ago to tell me that I have been accepted as a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CioL), and can now call myself Megan Onions BA MCIL AITI. Obviously, this isn’t the only reason that I applied for membership, but it is very satisfying, as I’m sure my fellow members will agree!

I had planned to give some detail about the association and what it means to be a member, but I won’t for two reasons:

  • the subject has already been covered extremely well by Kate Larkin over at the Lingo Woman blog
  • this week is going to be manic due to a couple of large translations, with little time for long blog posts!

For more information about joining either of the professional associations that I belong to, take a look at the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting online – or contact them directly (they’re very nice!).