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10 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Business

31 May

LinkedIn Chocolates - Freelance Translation and Business

[Image by Nan Palmero via Wikipedia Commons (I can never resist chocolate!)]

I was interested to read this post on the Social Media Examiner today, which offered its top 10 tips for building your business using LinkedIn. I was pleased to discover that I am already doing most of the things advised, although I am still too shy to put a video of myself anywhere online!

Do you have any ideas to add?


Website Wonderings

27 Apr

construction sign - translators' websites

I am currently in the process of getting a website designed (update to follow!). As this is my first professional website, I have been thinking long and hard about what needs to be included – and what doesn’t. There are a myriad of hints and tips on this subject, but I tend to take my advice from other translators and linguists, who have sites that offer the same type of information as I do.

The first stage in this process was compiling a collection of sites that I feel work really well, on the basis of visual interest and social media integration – a must in today’s business environment. My favourite translators’ websites are (in no particular order):

  • Twin Translations – The logo immediately captures the attention and the quotation is the perfect illustration of the art of the linguist. This website, owned by Judy and Dagmar Jenner of the Translation Times blog, serves as inspiration in terms of its clarity and content.
  • Naked Translations – the online home of Céline Graciet, an English-French translator, interpreter and star blogger. I particularly like the tagline and stark colours.
  • Sarah Dillon – translator of French, German and Spanish to English and a highly regarded blogger at There’s something about translation. The clean and clear layout of this site is a real winner with me, and the photos are a great way to create a connection with visitors.
  • Want Words – I absolutely love the clean look of this site and the use of one, strong accent colour to highlight salient information. The icons and integration of social media elements are things like I hope to emulate on my own website. Marta also maintains an insightful industry blog.

What can I take away from these sites?

Throughout this process, I have learned that clear, attractively presented, engaging content that is updated regularly is one of the secrets (if you can call them secrets) to creating an effective website.

As I add the finishing touches to my website copy, I will take into account the great content on all of the aforementioned examples, and also attempt to convey aspects of my own personality. After all, who wants to work with a bland, faceless translator?

What were your priorities when creating a website? Do you have any other inspirational examples to add to my collection?

Internet Inconvenience

13 Apr

The internet connection goes down: disaster!

While you are scrabbling around for the instructions for your wireless router, what can you do, without the internet, to further your business while the problem gets fixed? This actually happened to me a few days ago, so I was very glad that I had read this post on Freelance Switch.

Although the break from online work was forced upon me, I took the opportunity to get some other tasks ticked off my to-do list, which the constant access to emails, reference material and social media sites sometimes make it difficult to do. It seems strange how just a few years ago (well, more than a few years, but you get my point), the internet was a rare tool. It is now an integral and vital part of so many lives, and businesses. Despite this, it is so important to know when to shut down that laptop and take a break. In addition, the break from online activities can result in other progress.

I took the time to write some content for my upcoming website, as well as sort out some of the less thrilling aspects of my business, such as updating my expenses spreadsheet and offline research (yes, it does still work!). One area that I do enjoy, rightly or wrongly, is updating and reworking my CV and portfolio. I recently read Marta Stelmaszak’s ebook with interest and I have taken a lot of her tips on board.

The third main activity that I managed to complete before the internet problem was fixed, and my online distractions caught up with me, was updating my business to-do list. As well as a paper notepad, I use Anxiety, which I love. Being able to physically tick things off on my screen is satisfying (geeky, I know!) and the tasks are synchronised with iCalendar and Mail, which is another useful feature.

How do you cope in situations where there is no internet access? Do you manage your tasks with a to-do list or a whiteboard? I’d love to hear from you. One of the main things I love about this industry is that we can always learn from each other.

Oh, and happy Friday!